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EXACOM Leave Management System

EXACOM Leave Management System simplifies the management of employee's leave management from entitlements to applications. 
•  Linked EXACOM Employee Self-Service module.
•  With a systematic system, HR department can save time in managing staff’s leave.
•  The automated workflow reduces paperwork and costs.
•  Total flexibility to employees to check updated and accurate information.
•  Multi user access.
•  Multiple companies.
•  Microsoft SQL Express database / Microsoft Azure SQL Cloud Database.
•  Easily apply for leave choosing the required leave type and amount of days.
•  Can manage employee leave with easy and no need to write a letter or state a reason.
•  View the current status of your request and easily update or cancel leave.
•  Main characteristics of the leave system:
Annual leave, Sick leave, Compensation (All leave will be recorded and deducted from the appropriate account by EDH (Electronic Document Handling).
•  E-Leave enable.
•  Electronically notification leave approval / reject status.
•  ESS mobile application with leave management (Android). 




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